Know Thyself

“Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly.” ~Epictetus

Not so long ago, I thought I would never be a blogger. You see, I don’t exactly enjoy writing, but the Lord’s plans are clearly greater than my thoughts. On that note, not so long ago, a dear sister of mine shared an article with me (30 Characteristics of a Modern Lady) which immediately brought to mind the last DOL meeting we had. For those of you that were unable to attend, this post will be a bit of a recap so don’t worry!

One of the things we talked about since it was our first of three workshops, was that in order to truly BE yourself, you need to KNOW thyself! I just want to clarify that particularly our seminar focuses on how we can express who we are through our style and sense of fashion, excluding other areas of self-expression. If you read the above article, the author’s opening lines read, “Being female is a matter of birth, being a woman is a matter of age, but being a lady is a matter of choice.” Amen! And in the fashion world, style is also a choice so I’ve learned. This freedom, the ability to choose that which is good, is a beautiful gift from our Lord which allows us to be human as opposed to robots. Anyways, I derail. But YES! I couldn’t have said it better myself, being a lady is a choice because it has to do with the way we present ourselves to the world. Later in the article the author states that, “Being a lady starts from the inside out. Once you are a lady on the inside, expressing lady-like etiquette and niceties becomes much easier to learn as it flows from second nature.” This got me thinking, what does the author mean when she says, “being a lady on the inside”? It seemed to me that what was meant was, once you know who created you and why you were created, your purpose and mission as a woman will become clearer which will be reflected in your actions (lady-like etiquette) and such natural (30) characteristics will become second nature. Unfortunately, lady-like etiquettes are often looked down upon in our society because it’s being “too girly” giving men the upper hand. Seriously? Is there a problem with being feminine? Again, sorry I derail, this evident war with men can be a whole completely different post.


This brings me to a story which I would like to share with you of another one of my sisters in Christ. She was a feminist and used to dress like a tomboy. Then one day I saw her wearing a beautiful maxi skirt that flattered her figure. After complimenting her outfit, we got into the conversation of her change in wardrobe and I made the naïve comment of associating it with her not caring about what others think anymore. She corrected me by replying that her dress changed because she realized her dignity and identity in Christ, so she naturally began to express this newfound knowledge in her style. She also said that she did care about the thoughts of others because she wanted to make sure that she was sending the right message. Who would’ve thought that this interior understanding was going to cause a whole make over on the exterior? Lastly, the author goes on to mention the 30 characteristics of a modern lady. But really though, it could have been one and that was #30; the other 29 would have naturally followed suit 😉

#30. She believes in her Creator. A lady knows that her identity is rooted in her Maker. Her strength and vision come from daily prayer.

It is important to keep in mind that being a lady is one thing but you don’t have to lose your personality. When I refer to personality I am referring to identity; our identity which is found in Christ and once we realize this our person becomes awakened and we are able to become more truly ourselves. Please let’s not become Nazi’s and confuse being a lady with being pretentious. Yes women are allowed to fart and that will not take away from her being a lady (just don’t do it in public ^_^)

football(For my Super Bowl fans out there ^_^)

Next time we meet for our “It’s So You” Seminar, we will discuss and learn about fashion personalities!

~By: Aidil De Leon



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